The Ghost Of Medb​/​Under Your Night

by Agitated Radio Pilot/The Nether Dawn

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'Originally released as a lathe cut in a couple of ultra limited pressings (and we're talking ULTRA, as in two pressings, 50 copies each) pressed by lathe legend Peter King, thus of course gone in the blink of an eye, this little gem is now available as a cd-r to appease all you digital only folks. It's also probably limited, but thankfully not nearly so. A split record teaming up PseudoArcana head Milton and his Nether Dawn project with Irish one man band Agitated Radio Pilot. And it's a perfect match up, each bands' sound perfectly complimenting the other's. Agitated Radio Pilot unfurls slow growing, wheezing melancholy melodies and warm warbly atmospheres, split into 4 tracks, it sounds more like one lengthy extended pastoral drift, a lazy wander beneath leafy trees and a burnt orange late afternoon sky, laid back and blissed out. Melancholy and gauzy. The muted buzz of guitars, warbly melodies, all very hazy and indistinct. Nether Dawn (this time accompanied by fellow NZ noisemaker James Kirk) counter with their own brand of blurry haziness. Long drawn out drones, hushed whispered vocals, smeared buzz, distant washes of distorted guitar and muted rhythmic clatter. It sounds like pop songs stretched out and pulled apart into spare skeletal stretches of somnambulant sound. Like ARP, it's all very soft focus and dreamlike. So lovely.' Aquarius Records

'Dave Colohan's Agitated Radio Pilot and Antony Milton's The Nether Dawn has planned this release for a while, but it finally saw the light of day in late 2006 through Antony's Pseudo Arcana label. Both projects contribute an EP-sized collection of songs, and the result is put together on a lathe cut 12", hand-produced by Peter King of New Zealand. The lathe cut is a special thing, it has a great home-made feeling to it, but it also offers less sound quality. The two projects have chosen appropriate low-fi musical material to compensate this. The Ghost of Medb starts off with the dissonant and experimental "Leading A Small Ghost Home By The Hand". The whole is rather sqeaky and strange, more reminiscent of the experimental sides of United Bible Studies than Dave's regular solo material. "The Forlorn Hope" and "Wanderlands" are from the instrumental electric guitar works of Dave's, as features on releases like A Drifting Population and Imaginary East of Longford. Melancholic melodies with wordless vocals, but also here a rather low sound quality. The final and title track is also of this melodic style, but slightly more relaxed. All in all, the last three tracks form a whole in terms of mood and melody, which can be described as forlorn and otherworldly. However, in terms of both sound and composition, I don't like them as well as similar Agitated Radio Pilot material. The music, in this case, has many layers, but they just don't get the presentation they deserve in this lo-fi setting.
The Nether Dawn brings three tracks of quite a different character. Under Your Night is more abstract, atonal and droning than the A-side of this record. Creaky guitar sounds, static, manipulated wisps of vocals, and a vague organ drone make up the title track. "Sky Dust" is a more stark, ambient piece, with soft rustlings and sounds, and the occasional guitar string twanging. This shorter track fades into the main event of this side, the ten minute live track. This is a long droner, softly building up layers of half-melody, half-noise. I think this is the best track off the record, as it's very hypnotic; definitely worth checking out for fans of experimental dronish music. The visual presentation of this album is very good, with high quality textured ink and paint stamping on the brown carton cover. The record itself is done in clear translucent acetate, which looks immaculate, as clear records always do. For that reason, it's a pity that the musical side doesn't completely match that level. For an exclusive release like this - limited to 60 in the first run, the second run of 50 almost gone now - I would have liked to see something more worthwhile. As it is now, it is a nice record for afficionados of both projects, or for obscure vinyl freaks, but not for a wider audience.' Evening Of Light

'So apparently months and months ago I wrote this review and some shady Internet business went down and it was relegated to the land of unwanted drafts. I don't remember a lick of this. Too much mud or too much Canadian; decide if you wish. So, moons and moons later, here is another tirade on some thangs: Soon. Soon I will take a break and go back to reviewing dumpy black metal or maybe not review anything for a bit. Music is starting to feel like homework. It's hard enough to keep track of what new shit I've got, nevermind what I actually think about it. So here we are again. I put this on and I let it play. I thought I knew Nether Dawn from Last Visible Dog's something or other but apparently I was mistaken. They're from somewhere. Who knows. Agitated Radio Pilot could be anyone of any gender recording anywhere in the world right now near as I can tell. It's got all the pretty, lilting festoonery of aged lore and forgotten colored paper and...oh shit! I started falling asleep there for a minute. Nothing stood out. Drones drone. I mean, what else do they do? Really good ones work their way into your head until they wind through the muscles in your back and then you're linked good & proper. It's like a bulldozer: you don't just hand it to anyone and expect him to know how to steer. And folk'll tell me I should be glad to hear boring drone and raga'ed-up folk than, say, bad metal. But it's all the same to me: you is or you ain't, and ain't no use in being anything but what you is. See the Cloudland Canyon bit for more unnecessarily heated ranting. Anyhow, I like the Nether Dawn side because they at least smother their sound rather than gettin all cathedral on me. Don't we get enough of that these days? I mean, ND's "Sky Dust" had me with my ear to the floor, rather than thinking I was at Pseudo Arcana's midnight mass. And the melodies are challenging, in a loose and lopsided way. The point being, I'm not sorry I heard them. This might not climb to the top of some imaginary list in my head nor be something I cling to and put on for friends who want to know where you go after you've already heard the Congos and Dead C. Then again, I've got a ton of stuff like that. You know, sometimes you're hungry, but not just for anything. And maybe the spot you find the most fresh-dipped is closed for remodeling or the line's around the block. So you take a walk down a street that's kind of familiar but you don't recognize a single face. You see an open booth through a window framed with patterned curtains and you go inside and sit down. The menu looks appealing, nice layout, staff is mint, floor's pretty clean. Food arrives quickly. It doesn't change your life, but it's not cloying and now you've assuaged hunger. Doesn't mean you'll be back, but who can say. Who can say?' Fuck You, Counselor


released November 22, 2007

Drawing by Antony Milton.
Printing by Jim Currin.

Released in two lathe cut acetate editions on Pseudoarcana, the second with a slightly different cover.
Later re-released on CDr.



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Agitated Radio Pilot Ireland

'Colohan seems to have a preternatural sense of the elemental, those dark places we all go to take off our disguises. So many artists have treaded this ground before and seemed insincere, but Colohan's vulnerability, his human voice that presents these unadorned truths without spin or motive, makes me want to listen and believe.' Foxy Digitalis ... more

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