Kara Sevda

by Raising Holy Sparks

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Although belonging to different projects & not originally intended to be part of the same album, when I listened to these pieces together it struck me that they shared something I couldn't put my finger on... & so they found a home here.

'Theme From Alone I & II' are part of the soundtrack work I did for a short film by No Longer Reel, local filmmakers whose work can be viewed here vimeo.com/user9483551/videos/sort:date 'Alone' should be available to watch shortly.

'Lovin' The Eskimo' & 'Bird (There)' feature the words of Lisa Falzon, whose microfiction inspired me to set my favourites to music. They can be found at micro-fiction.blogspot.com

Though they share a title & perhaps, sentiment, 'Kara Sevda' is not the song by Cem Karaca. I didn't hear that until afterwards. Rather, it was a staple of the first few Raising Holy Sparks live outings & has found its final version here.

'Hanging On A Star' is a song by Nick Drake. This version, which leaves out the words, was a collaboration with Wölflinge for the Andrea Fitzpatrick-curated Searching For Nick Drake exhibition, which took place in the Basement Project Space, Cork, from September 22nd to the 28th of this year. www.soundinthetree.com


released December 22, 2011

David Colohan: Appalachian dulcimer & 5 string mountain banjo, autoharp, electric guitar & piano, electronic shruti box, field recordings, harmonium, mandocello, voice. Samples: Glass Armonica & Mellotron.

Vicky Langan: voice, water pump.

Declan Q Kelly: chord organ, field recordings.

Lisa Falzon: words.

Recorded in Ballymahon, Galway & Headford.

In memory of Václav Havel.

'Isn't it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity.'



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Agitated Radio Pilot Ireland

'Colohan seems to have a preternatural sense of the elemental, those dark places we all go to take off our disguises. So many artists have treaded this ground before and seemed insincere, but Colohan's vulnerability, his human voice that presents these unadorned truths without spin or motive, makes me want to listen and believe.' Foxy Digitalis ... more

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